Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mothers Becoming Grandmothers Even When Their Not Ready

Let me tell you, I am a mother of 2 sons, and I love being their mother, yes I do. But then one day I became a grandmother, and wow! was that something to digest. I thought I was done for a second, my sons were all most grown at the time, and I was going to get a break, and do some things for me, pay attention to me for a little while you know. NOT! Don't take me the wrong way please I love my granddaughter with all my heart. She is here now and God has bless me with her, and she bring me so much joy, laughter, and life. When I look at her, I just see sunshine. But it's something how times in this world has change, and mothers are becoming grandmothers so much more earlier. I believe our children are having sex to early, and unprotected sex at that, and the television, and music videos, are not helping. I believe our children believe sex is cool, and it's OK to have it. Because it will make you more cooler, and that is so far from being the truth. And mothers all most every song our children listen to now, talk about sex. OK, I know some of the R&B songs talk about sex a lot, because that is what I mostly listen to, or what I use to listen to, because now when I have my granddaughter in the car with me I have to change the stations, because she is learning these songs, and that is not good, and that is not what I want. I do not know what your children are listing to R&B or Rock, but these songs are talking about sex to our children In secret little ways, or sometime the song is talking about sex, just straight out, or straight forward with sex words. Mothers if you just take some time and just listen to these songs are children are listing to, these songs are leading them to have sex, because these songs they are listing to, is saying it is OK to have sex, and it is not helping us non when we tell are children just to wait on having sex.

Mothers of the world, please share you point of view and tell me what you think about this subject,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picturs Of My Babies

These are pictures of my babies, and they our my hearts, and I will always hold on to God, so I can hold on to them, with the help of God, and I am never going to let go of eihter.

Hello Mommies Come Post Your Children or Childs Picture

Only if you want to or just read the blog and post something you want to talk about, if you like. But if you like you can post a picture of you babies or baby, becase no matter how small or how big they get they will always be your babies right. When you post you child or chidrens picture this is just for fun, so we can see one another joy and hope that we stay strong for, that's all, and maybe we will get to know one another alittle more. Thank you for being a part of this blog (Mothers Helping One Another) and please if you are not following this blog yet please do. I want this blog to work for all mothers out there in this big would that may feel like they are along, or do not have someone to turn to. I want every follower of this blog to be a part of helping mothers that need help all over the world. So please remember if you want to talk about something that is on your mind come on in, and talk about it please.
Thank you all, God bless you all
and please think positive and
live a positive life.
and remember God love you and all ways

Calling all Mother's

Hello mother's how have you all been doing? great I hope, and still holding on hard tight right? Mother's do not let go of your children hold on to them no matter how hard it gets. Just pray always, pray mothers when time are hard and when times are good, never, never stop praying to God about everything, do not leave nothing out. Please let God know everything, do not leave nothing out, even if we no He knows everything, still wants us to ask for His help. So hold on strong mother's of the world, call out to God in Jesus name and ask for His help, because God wants to help you with everything. Please remember mother's that when know one else same to want to help you, or it same that know one knows what you are going thorough, or no one understands what you need, or no same to love you, please hear this God loves you no matter what and He is on your side, and He will hear your call always when no one else does.
Please Stay Strong Mother's
This shell pass, keep your eyes on
God and the Word of God
Think Positive, Live Positive

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mothers with questions, or Just want to Say Something!

Any mothers out there with questions, or you just want to talk, go ahead and just ask what you want to ask, and say what you want to say. Lets have fun and just let it all hang out. :-)

A Mothers Love for Her Child or Children

Isn't it something, know matter how old your child or children get they will always be your babies.

My sons are 27 and 26 now, and they are still my babies and will always be my babies know matter how old they get. Only a mother can understand that. It's just the way I fill inside about my sons, and it will never go away or I will never stop filling that way. My son's and I alway say I love you to one another every time we are going our separate ways, or hanging up the phone from talking to one another. When we are apart from each other to long, we begin to think about one another, one of us will call the other and say I was about to call you. That is that bound mother and their child or children, that love so strong, that we can fill that vibe or vibes, almost like a wave signal, saying to our hearts, it is time to hear your child or childrens voice. Do you know what I mean?

Thank you for listing, God bless you all, stay positive, and talk to you soon! :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mothers with questions?

Any mothers out there with questions, or you just want to talk, go ahead and just ask what you want to ask, and say what you want to say. Lets have fun and just let it all hang out.