Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Mothers Love for Her Child or Children

Isn't it something, know matter how old your child or children get they will always be your babies.

My sons are 27 and 26 now, and they are still my babies and will always be my babies know matter how old they get. Only a mother can understand that. It's just the way I fill inside about my sons, and it will never go away or I will never stop filling that way. My son's and I alway say I love you to one another every time we are going our separate ways, or hanging up the phone from talking to one another. When we are apart from each other to long, we begin to think about one another, one of us will call the other and say I was about to call you. That is that bound mother and their child or children, that love so strong, that we can fill that vibe or vibes, almost like a wave signal, saying to our hearts, it is time to hear your child or childrens voice. Do you know what I mean?

Thank you for listing, God bless you all, stay positive, and talk to you soon! :-)

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  1. Yes!! I have two sons, ages 14 and 7, and they are my world! The love and bond between us is very special and the sweetest love I have ever known :)