Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mothers Becoming Grandmothers Even When Their Not Ready

Let me tell you, I am a mother of 2 sons, and I love being their mother, yes I do. But then one day I became a grandmother, and wow! was that something to digest. I thought I was done for a second, my sons were all most grown at the time, and I was going to get a break, and do some things for me, pay attention to me for a little while you know. NOT! Don't take me the wrong way please I love my granddaughter with all my heart. She is here now and God has bless me with her, and she bring me so much joy, laughter, and life. When I look at her, I just see sunshine. But it's something how times in this world has change, and mothers are becoming grandmothers so much more earlier. I believe our children are having sex to early, and unprotected sex at that, and the television, and music videos, are not helping. I believe our children believe sex is cool, and it's OK to have it. Because it will make you more cooler, and that is so far from being the truth. And mothers all most every song our children listen to now, talk about sex. OK, I know some of the R&B songs talk about sex a lot, because that is what I mostly listen to, or what I use to listen to, because now when I have my granddaughter in the car with me I have to change the stations, because she is learning these songs, and that is not good, and that is not what I want. I do not know what your children are listing to R&B or Rock, but these songs are talking about sex to our children In secret little ways, or sometime the song is talking about sex, just straight out, or straight forward with sex words. Mothers if you just take some time and just listen to these songs are children are listing to, these songs are leading them to have sex, because these songs they are listing to, is saying it is OK to have sex, and it is not helping us non when we tell are children just to wait on having sex.

Mothers of the world, please share you point of view and tell me what you think about this subject,

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