Sunday, July 4, 2010

Calling all Mother's

Hello mother's how have you all been doing? great I hope, and still holding on hard tight right? Mother's do not let go of your children hold on to them no matter how hard it gets. Just pray always, pray mothers when time are hard and when times are good, never, never stop praying to God about everything, do not leave nothing out. Please let God know everything, do not leave nothing out, even if we no He knows everything, still wants us to ask for His help. So hold on strong mother's of the world, call out to God in Jesus name and ask for His help, because God wants to help you with everything. Please remember mother's that when know one else same to want to help you, or it same that know one knows what you are going thorough, or no one understands what you need, or no same to love you, please hear this God loves you no matter what and He is on your side, and He will hear your call always when no one else does.
Please Stay Strong Mother's
This shell pass, keep your eyes on
God and the Word of God
Think Positive, Live Positive

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